Aamoksh Retirement home, Pune

Pune the City of retirement for many years to get its first upmarket retirement home.

Carefree lifestyle : - When you do not have to be bothered about daily chores, you have time to relax, pursue your hobbies, make new friends and live your dreams of blowing magical soap bubbles in the company of friends
Companionship : - Living life in the company of like minded people with whom you can share your cherished moments, make new plans for the next adventure and the next ice cream joint to visit
Fulfilling your dreams : - Now that you have the time, learn new skills that you always wanted, painting, music, pottery, dancing, singing, travelling, anything and we make it happen for you.
Live in style - Why compromise on your lifestyle now when you have never done it all your life. Enjoy the hospitality, restaurant style dining (no boring buffets), personalized service and a good lifestyle
About Pune

Pune, known as the education and retirement city has always attracted both the young and old due to a lot of advantages it holds.

The Aamoksh Retirement Home is being planned in a 4 acre property with 200+ apartments and a very luxurious club house for activities and entertainment to ensure that people have a very healthy and active lifestyle.

The center will be an ideal place for active and independent seniors as well as for people who need that extra assistance to manage their day to day life.

If you want more information about our project at Pune then do register on the Contact us page or write to us at info@aamokshoneeighty.com

Aamoksh Retirement home, Pune

A retirement home within the city and within reach of nature to help people manage a healthy lifestyle.

  • Close to the airport
  • Easy access to hospitals, shopping, entertainment and lots more
  • Fully serviced facilities
  • All modern amenities
Features of the Retirement home
      • 200+ apartments
      • Rest of the facilities under design at this point


Pune has its own station.

Pune has its own station.

The site is within 30 mins drive from both the airport and the station.


What is the status on the project ?

We are in the research phase of the project and are conducted market research to understand the market demand to help design the facilities and units.

How can I get more information ?

You can write to us at info@aamokshoneeighty.com and we will keep you posted about developments.

What We Offer
retirement homes five star

Senior Lifestyle

A retirement home where you are free to choose your lifestyle, with flexibility of choice, flexibility of options and Five Star Fun

retirement homes senior wealth and services

Senior Health & Wellness

Our goal is to ensure that your lifestyle is healthy, active and fun, and also provide assisted living, if required

retirement home dining


To make you feel at home, we provide you dining options where you choose what you want to eat, not boring buffets

retirement homes prime fit


A unique program of physical fitness targeted towards seniors focusing on physical, mental and emotional health

retirement homes concierge services

Concierge Services

Just ask for any service and we are there to take care of it. So let go of your boring chores, paying of bills etc, and enjoy the Five Star Fun

retirement homes travel

Twist Travel

A unique travel program for seniors, where everything is taken care of, in the company of friends, to exotic and fun destinations

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